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    Dancing through quarantine and Harlem — in a bubble 20/10/23 03:14
    NewsN1: Размещение рекламы
    Arts & Culture
    ‘Mum gave so much’: Jess Mills on her mother, Tessa Jowell 19/03/24 16:00
    Artificial Intelligence
    Smart bots: China’s sex doll makers jump on AI drive 18/07/27 23:57
    NewsN1: Подсказки и советы
    Election in Germany
    Daphne Caruana Galizia obituary 17/11/21 22:00
    Science & Technologies
    Crunch Report | Uber Agrees to 20 Years of Privacy Audits 17/08/16 10:00
    Сonspiracy theory
    Martin Shkreli: I don’t think I’m going to jail 17/08/16 08:37
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    NewsN1: to manage your news stream!

    Greetings. We'd like you to try the instrument for filtering your news feed.

    Right now you can create news feed from news sources by filtering with tags and keywords. You can read your news feed on the website or by using any of your favourite RSS-reader. The number of available sources is growing, but you can also add your own.

    Also you can create news posts and export them to your profile on social network, include your posts into news feed and make your news feed public to anyone. By the way, your friends from social networks can also access your feeds.

    To do that you have to sign up and link your account to your social network profile. After that you can create and set your news feed to your likeness. The use of service requires no additional payment. The premium account removes adds from feeds. In the far future there will be more features for premium and free users. For now expect more features for reading feeds (direct access, widget) and more social functionality.

    See the user's guide

    The service is still work-in-progress.

    Set your news feed by your rules. Try it.