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    New York Times
    21/07/26 22:36
    N.Y.C. Expected to Require City Workers to Be Vaccinated by Mid-September
    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision comes after he announced a similar mandate for public health care workers.
    21/07/26 15:47
    70 Years Ago, the World Made a Pact to Protect Refugees. Too Many of Our Leaders Are Failing to Uphold That Promise
    The former U.N. Secretary General calls on leaders to step up and deliver a global resettlement programme on a meaningful scale
    21/07/26 12:04
    Will Foxconn Billionaire Terry Gou’s COVID-19 Vaccine Deal Bring Taiwan Closer to China?
    That the deal came via a businessman with strong ties to Mainland China months after the Taiwanese government failed to buy the same vaccines, indicates that Beijing put its finger on the scale, political observers say.
    CNN top news
    21/07/26 03:25
    The threat November 2022 poses to Biden
    The first midterms for US presidents usually don't go well. Other than a handful of exceptions, the party of the person in the White House does poorly. In years such as 1994, Republicans took control of Congress during the Bill Clinton administration. In other cases, such as in 2002 or 2018, losing one chamber has been sufficient to change the political dynamic in Washington. As former President Barack Obama commented in 2010, when Republicans took control of the House following the fallout from the Affordable Care Act, he took a "shellacking."
    Business Insider
    21/07/26 02:22
    Nancy Pelosi says the House won’t vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal until after the Senate passes a larger package
    "We are rooting for the infrastructure bill to pass, but we all know that more needs to be done," she said on an appearance Sunday on ABC.
    Business Insider
    21/07/25 21:59
    A healthcare worker who was hospitalized for a month with COVID-19 says she now has nearly $1 million in medical bills
    Shenita Russie, who caught COVID-19 last year, has racked up an eye-watering amount in medical bills after being placed in a medically-induced coma.
    Business Insider
    21/07/25 18:00
    Tesla’s solar division asks employees to scour social media for complaints about both the company and Elon Musk, trying to get customers to delete their posts, former employees say
    A former Tesla Energy employee told Insider that a team of nine staff hunted for complaints specifically aimed at CEO Elon Musk.
    CNN top news
    21/07/25 17:54
    Parents of transgender boys on raising their sons in a tough world
    For over half an hour on a March afternoon, Arkansas legislators, activists and pediatricians outlined reasons why they considered gender-affirming health care dangerous, arguing in support of a bill that would ban transgender minors from accessing that care.
    New York Times
    21/07/25 07:32
    What’s the Best Way to Protect Sex Workers? Depends on Whom You Ask.
    There are two competing bills in New York: One would punish pimps and customers, while the other would decriminalize the entire trade.
    Business Insider
    21/07/25 00:55
    California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill that bans police from posting mugshots of people accused of non-violent crimes on social media
    Under the law, police can still share photos of individuals they believe are dangerous or those who are accused of violent crimes.
    CNN top news
    21/07/24 16:40
    Why would anyone trust Brexit Britain again?
    Why would anyone trust Brexit Britain again?
    CNN top news
    21/07/24 15:54
    Boris Johnson’s bid to rewrite the deal he signed with the EU could damage the UK’s credibility as a reliable trading partner
    Just seven months after singing its praises, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is attempting to rewrite the Brexit deal he signed with the European Union.
    New York Times
    21/07/24 14:29
    A Rebellion Is Stirring in Boris Johnson’s Backyard
    Brexit helped destroy Labour’s “red wall” in England’s North. Now, it’s coming for the Conservatives’ “blue wall” in the South.
    21/07/24 04:20
    How the Alleged Outing of a Catholic Priest Shows the Sorry State of Data Privacy in America
    A newsletter reported a powerful Catholic priest regularly used Grindr. Their source? “Commercially available app signal data”
    21/07/24 01:19
    Texas Democrats Faced Criticism for Fleeing to D.C.—But These Lawmakers See Their Gamble as a Deeply Personal Battle for the Future of Their State
    Critics see Texas Democrats' walkout to D.C. as a publicity stunt. A few days in D.C. with the lawmakers show it's more than that
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